A-J is a lean, just-in-time, manufacturer, and the company produces some of the world’s best commercial stainless steel HVAC Stainless Steel Air Distribution system with a strong emphasis on products specifically designed for sterile environments. A-J remains a strong presence in the HVAC industry, and continues to grow and diversify its products, many of which are featured in the world’s most successful hospitals, laboratories and commercial buildings today.

Amada Laser Machine
Laser- Amada Laser provides high speed production of precision sheet metal parts cutting at speeds up to 400 inches per minute. This allows AJ to deliver high quality products with quicks lead times with rush options available.
Leak Test Research
Leak Test- research and testing continues to be a vital part of our company. We have a custom built HEPA unit leak test booth equipped with a photometer for thoroughly testing HEPA Filter diffusers. High quality standards must be met for all AJ products that leave the plant.
Robotic Welder
Robotic Welder- our high tech, high speed, six axis robotic welder combines maximum flexibility with precise welding. Providing superior quality time after time with no leakage issues.
Amada Fiber Laser
Amada fiber laser- ultimate in speed and precision. We focus on quality and performance for products ranging from stainless still grilles to laminar flow diffusers and fan filter units.
CNC Press Brakes
Forming Area- Amada CNC press brakes continue to boost production capacity meeting the high demand of products in healthcare.
Stainless Steel Polisher
Stainless Steel polisher- uniform polish every single time. All products are polished to complete AJ standards.
Powder Coating Oven
Powder coating oven- “Baked on” finish available in a range of colors. Custom colors also available.

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