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S6 Operating Room Ceiling System

The S6 Combines Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Ceiling Grids with State-of-the-Art Laminar Flow Products and LED Lighting.

AJ Manufacturing is proud to introduce the new “S6” Operating Room System – the Stainless Steel Sterile Surgical Suite System.

Our new S6 System is a complete, customizable ceiling and air distribution system ­– plus lighting solution ­– that’s specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms. High-output LED lighting combined with laminar airflow equipment eliminates the traditional “light ring” in surgical suites, while also freeing up valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment and optimizing contaminant removal from the operating room.

Conforming to all ASHRAE 170 requirements, the S6 Operating Room System offers an unbeatable amount of flexibility for your new operating room construction or remodeling projects. Our suspended ceiling systems feature heavy-duty, welded and gasketed 1.5″ grids constructed of stainless steel that are custom engineered and built to your exact specifications. Add in our powerful Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffusers with built-in LED light panels, and the S6 Operating Room System allows you to create a clean room environment of any size – large or small – anywhere you need it. Any number of FFUs and light panels may be linked to meet your exact performance and efficiency needs for any application.

Call us today at 816-231-5522 to learn more about how our new S6 Operating Room System can mean greater quality, efficiency and flexibility for your operating and clean room projects.