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Criti-Clean FFUs and Other AJ Products Keep Healthcare Workers Safe

Here at AJ Manufacturing, we often say how proud we are of the important part we play in providing critical environment patient care. But today, that’s truer than ever, since our Reverse Flow Criti-Clean Units and Laminar Flow Diffusers, with and without HEPA filters, are now being used in isolation rooms used for patients suffering from Ebola at leading medical centers.

Our Reverse Flow Criti-Clean units, in particular, are perfectly suited for this type of application, because they are designed to create a negative pressure environment that removes the air from an isolation room and cleans it through the built in HEPA filter — stopping airborne contaminants from leaving the room. In the treatment of Ebola, that’s especially critical because the consequences are potentially deadly.

In addition to it’s capabilities creating a safe, negative pressure environment, our Reverse Flow Criti-Clean also shares the other industry-leading features and benefits of our standard Criti-Clean Units. These include…

  • Stainless steel construction with an all-welded plenum
  • Higher CFM output than our competitors’ models
  • Computer-controlled, variable-speed ECM motor
  • HEPA or ULPA filter with gel-seal frame

For more information on these life-saving products, click here. Or feel free to call us at 800-247-5746, or send us an email.