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Now You Can Chat Live with an AJ Representative

Our customers always have great questions about how our products can meet their needs, and we’re always happy to provide a timely answer. But now that process is a whole lot faster and easier, thanks to the new “Chat Live” function on our website.

During normal business hours, you’ll see two small new boxes at the lower right of your screen: one in orange that says “Chat live with an agent now,” and one in blue that says “Chat?” and indicates whether an AJ representative is online or offline.

If you see that an AJ rep is online, simply type in any question or comment you may have. If you see “offline,” you can still ask a question or make a comment. Just click the up arrow at the far right of the box, and a pop up window will appear. Type in your name, email address and your message, and someone here at AJ Manufacturing will be happy to reply to your question or comment as soon as possible.

“Chat Live” is just one more way we’re working hard to stay in touch and meet your needs, better than ever! To see how easy it is to “Chat Live” with an AJ rep, just give it a try.