Our Commercial Air Distribution Systems Function in a Variety of Applications

Precision-cut stainless steel is transformed into HVAC products for nearly any critical environment or public space. Explore some of the projects we’re most proud of.



Cleanrooms are used in almost every industry where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing or scientific process. Most typically, our air distribution products are found in cleanrooms dedicated to semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device development and production, and life science applications.


AJ Manufacturing designed and fabricated custom fan filter units in Lenexa, Kansas, for the animal pharmacology and biology sector at the North American headquarters of Ceva.

National Cancer Institute

Our cleanroom design with fan filter units serves a federal cancer research center in Fredrick, Maryland.

Boeing Building S50

Aerospace giant Boeing’s second office building in El Segundo, California required a cleanroom, and AJ Manufacturing contributed to the commercial air distribution system.

Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain, a French multinational company, used AJ Manufacturing products in their cleanroom. The company specializes in high-efficiency construction materials, including windows, colored mortals, plasterboards, and paintable fabrics.

Johns Hopkins Space Telescope Science Institute

NASA mission and Hubble telescope partner, the Space Telescope Science Institute is dedicated to conducting world-class scientific research and disseminating data on astronomical missions. AJ Manufacturing furnished several air distribution system components for this cleanroom facility.

Mobile Climate Control Sprinter Van

AJ Manufacturing’s APU cabinet is a key feature in this global transportation HVAC company’s vehicle.


AJ Manufacturing provided SSL FHFD fan filter units with LED lights and 550H return air grilles for this cleanroom project in Florida.

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Hospital HVAC products and air distribution systems are specially designed with filtration and diffusers to reduce the risk of spreading infection among patients and enable healthcare professionals to establish and maintain sanitary and disinfected environments in all areas of the facility.

St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center

AJ Manufacturing hospital HVAC products are employed in operating theatres in this community hospital in Canyon County, Idaho.

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

Canada’s first smart hospital, Cortellucci Vaughan in Ontario, part of Mackenzie Health, is outfitted with critical environment products from AJ Manufacturing, including operating room systems, laminar flow diffusers, filter grilles, and HEPA laminar flow diffusers.

University of Kansas Hospital/KU Med

KU Med transitioned an existing floor into a new patient treatment ward for cancer patients. Clean air technologies by AJ Manufacturing help keep immune-suppressed patients safe from hospital-acquired infection as they receive chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

University of Texas Health Science Center

AJ Manufacturing outfitted the Behavioral and Biological Sciences Building with specialty hospital HVAC products including a variety of grilles.

Walter Reed National Medical Center

Renowned veteran’s hospital Walter Reed user laminar flow HEPA diffusers from AJ Manufacturing. The system was photometer-tested for leaks and certified by independent testing contractors.

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Architectural HVAC products, including architectural grilles and special filtration systems, must meet guidelines outlined by area code, government, and the demands of the project architect.

Houston Police Department Gun Range

Gun ranges require special filtration and ventilation, which AJ Manufacturing designed for this Texas law enforcement department. The system met precise government guidelines for gun range ventilation and air flow speed.

High Rise Office Building in Canada

Commercial HVAC products from AJ Manufacturing were deployed in the construction of a new office building, including a variety of custom grilles and an air curtain system for revolving doors.

World Trade Center

In New York City, Tower 4 of the World Trade Center complex and the One World Trade building received floor bar grilles and an air curtain system from AJ Manufacturing.

Laie Hawaii Temple

AJ Manufacturing supplied the commercial HVAC products for this temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which serves church members on Oahu, Kauai, and the Marshall Islands. The project involved preserving the original appearance of the architecture and antique murals.

Hewlett Packard Building

This Santa Clara, California building is outfitted with stainless steel and architectural bar grilles with custom shapes and cuts.

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In the development and production of pharmaceutical products, clean air and appropriate filtration and ventilation is necessary to prevent contamination from dangerous intruders like viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

AJ Manufacturing outfitted the coater rewind room at Amneal Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey with the appropriate HEPA filtration and diffusers for production of medication.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare

A division of Johnson & Johnson, McNeil produces over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Motrin, and Immodium. When they needed pharmaceutical HVAC design for their production lines, they contacted AJ Manufacturing.

Baxter International

The multinational healthcare company headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, primarily manufactures products that treat blood, kidney, and immune disorders. AJ Manufacturing provided the necessary commercial air distribution components for their fill line.


AJ Manufacturing custom-designed and built SSLF laminar flow units for AptaPharma in New Jersey.

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Custom Projects

Custom Projects

AJ Manufacturing custom-designed and built SSLF laminar flow units for AptaPharma in New Jersey.

Louver 2

Our Louver 2 supply/return diffuser with plenums is in use in a variety of specialty applications across the United States.

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