Deflect Air with our Stainless Steel HVAC Components from AJ Manufacturing

A supply grille covers the supply vents that are responsible for pumping air into a room. Supply grilles are available with a louver or damper to control air flow, or as an immobile vent cover.

Our supply air grilles coordinate with our return grilles and other stainless steel HVAC components for a cohesive system that meets the aesthetic needs and air circulation demands of your critical environment project.

HVAC Supply Grilles

AJ Manufacturing produces stainless steel supply grilles in use around the world. Our supply grilles are suitable for commercial use in critical environments and other applications where stainless steel or aluminum supply grilles are necessary.

Every AJ Manufacturing project is hand-assembled and tested for quality assurance before leaving our facility in Kansas City.

To request more information about our critical environment air distribution systems, or to order supply grilles for your project, contact us by phone or email.

Double Deflection Supply Grilles

250 Series

The 250 Series Double Deflection Supply Grille provides directional control of the air stream in one, two, three, or four directions. Each bar pivots at the front, which gives a uniform appearance regardless of the blade angle setting.

250 HD Series

The heavy-duty version of our 250 Series Supply Grilles, our double-deflection unit controls the airstream using hollow airfoil front bars set at a fixed, 0°, or 45° on .500” centers. Back bars are spaced on .750” centers with each bar individually adjusted for independent air deflection.

250 LT Series

Our Long-Throw Double Deflection Supply Grille effectively controls large volumes of air flow. Each bar pivots to customize air movement.

250 Series LTA Double Deflection Supply Grille with Airfoil Blades

Our 250 Long-Throw Series provides effective directional control of large volumes of air flow via pivoting airfoil blades.


Single Deflection Supply Grilles

150 Series Single Deflection Supply Grille

Our single deflection supply grille provides directional control of the air stream in one or two directions. Bars pivot at the face for an aligned, uniform appearance regardless of blade angle setting.

150-LTA Single Deflection Long Throw Supply Grille

Our long-throw single deflection supply grille provides directional control of large volumes of air flow with airfoil blades. Custom sizing is available for your project.

150 LT Series Long Throw Single Deflection Supply Air Grille

Our 150 Series supply grille directionally controls large volumes of air. Each bar pivots to allow custom flow.


Spiral Duct Diffuser

Our spiral duct diffuser is designed for use in large, open areas, such as factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, and workshops. The grilles are attached directly to the spiral duct, which eliminates the necessity for boots or special adapters to install the stainless steel supply grilles.


AJ Manufacturing supplies you with air supply grilles.

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