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Your HVAC system isn’t complete without a return air grille. These connect to ductwork and allow air to return to your HVAC system. It obscures the view of the duct and helps to regulate the flow of air in the building.


Return Air Grille Use and Assembly

AJ Manufacturing produces stainless steel return grilles in our facility in Kansas City for distribution to work sites around the world. Our return air grilles are suitable for commercial use, for clean rooms, and other applications where stainless steel is necessary. Each of our products is hand-assembled for quality assurance and put to the test before they leave our facility.

To request more information about our critical environment air distribution systems, or to order return grilles for your project, contact us by phone or email.

Our HVAC Return Grilles

Contact us to learn more about the application of each of our return air grilles and whether our products will be a good fit for your project. We manufacture a variety of stainless steel return air grilles, using laser cutting and hand-assembly techniques that focus on consistency of size and quality and meet your project deadlines.

Return Grilles with Face Bars

550 Series Return Grilles

Styled to match our 150 and 250 Supply Grilles, the face bars of this return grille are non-adjustable and available in a horizontal or vertical position and factory set at 45° or 0° — your choice — spaced on .750” centers.

550 HD Series Return Grilles

These heavy-duty return air grilles match our 150 and 250 Supply Grilles. Non-adjustable face bars are available in horizontal or vertical configurations, and factory set at 0° or 45°, spaced on 0.750” centers. Optional .500” centers are available as an upgrade.

SSLBG Linear Light Duty

Our linear light duty bar grilles are designed for sidewall or sill installations with fixed 0° airfoil blades that run parallel to the grille’s longest dimension. Each blade is reinforced on 8” centers.

SSEC Egg Crate Grille

Our Egg Crate series provides 90 percent free area. Each bar is made of 24-gauge Type 304 stainless steel in a ½” x ½” x ½” grid core. The egg crate core design offers a large open area for return air flow. Other blade sizes or 316 stainless steel are available as upgrades.

550 LTA Single Deflection Long Throw Return Grille

Styled to match the 150 and 250 Supply Grilles, this return grille has non-adjustable face bars and is available in either a horizontal or vertical position.

550 LT Series Return Air Grille

The LT Series Long Throw Return Air Grille matches our 150 and 250 Supply Grilles with non-adjustable face bars in either a horizontal or vertical position. Each bar is factory-set at 0° or 45°, and spaced on 1.5” or 3” centers. Custom configurations are available.


Perforated Return Air Grilles

SSPERF-R Perforated Return Air Grille

Used for a variety of return air applications, including ceilings and sidewalks, this return grille features a face of perforated stainless steel for a smooth, bar-free look.

SSPERF Core Perforated Return Air Grille

Made to fit standard T-bar ceilings and in custom-order sizes, this return air grille features a perforated stainless steel face.


Louvered Return Grilles

SSG Series Return Grilles

Our SSG series louvered return grilles are non-adjustable and made with louvered blades that limit vision into ductwork. The blades are reinforced from the rear on 12” centers and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

SSDL Series Return Grilles

These ½”-deep-louvered return grilles are nonadjustable and made with louvered blades for limited vision for exterior applications. Each blade is reinforced from the rear on 12” centers.


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