The SSFG 550 Model Removeable Filter Return Grilles and Registers have fixed horizontal blades (parallel to width/first specified dimension) spaced on ¾” (19) centers with 45° straight face deflection. The grille core is secured to the face of the outer frame with stainless steel ¼-turn fasteners, allowing quick removal for cleaning or changing the filters. The streamlined blades and open spacing maintain a minimum effective free area of 50%, which minimizes intake velocity, reduces inlet pressure and provides quiet operation. Deflected bar grilles installed in a low or high side wall location are vision-proof with the grille blade deflection facing away from the line of sight. Stainless steel grilles and registers are well suited for applications involving corrosive environments, high humidity or frequent cleaning with strong chemicals. Typical projects include hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, industrial and manufacturing facilities.