Stainless Steel Lighted Operating Room System (SSLORS)

The SSLORS is a modular, customizable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered to provide the clean air and high-quality lighting needed to meet today’s operating room needs, while making the best use of the limited ceiling space often found in surgical areas. It features a low-profile common plenum with any number and configuration of laminar flow diffusers, with or without gel seal HEPA filters, to meet air filtration needs.

To meet surgical lighting needs, powerful LED lights (tunable and dimmable) can be built into each diffuser, eliminating the need for traditional hanging lights, freeing up additional ceiling space for other equipment. Plus, green lights are included on the same board — requiring half the number of drivers, less wiring and less time and effort during installation.

With customizable design and configuration options that can accommodate any equipment layout, the SSLORS can meet all your needs while also lowering costs and speeding installation.



AJ SSLORS Brochure