The SS Hemispherical Diffusers feature an adjustable pattern control technology for delivering high volumes of low velocity air in a radial pattern. Each model is constructed using adjustable blades which allow adjustment of the discharge air pattern. Two versions of this model are available: SS Hemispherical with an optional adjustable face and SS Hemispherical-PERF with a perforated center section. SS Hemispherical diffuser blades hang less that 1″ below the ceiling.

These diffusers are an excellent choice for Class 1,000 to 100,000 rooms. Applications include clean room environments such as labs with exhause hoods, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology research.

SS Hemispherical Radial Pattern Diffusers with filters are similar to the standard model, however, they feature an extended plenum and unique frame designed to accommodate a Gel Seal HEPA or ULPA filter. These high quality filters can be easily removed and replaced from the face of the unit and incorporate a separatorless 2″ (51) deep media, integral test port and an anodized aluminum gel seal frame.