Mobile Criti-Clean Ultra FFU

For temporary, relocatable use whenever and wherever you need clean air, we offer Criti-Clean Ultra in convenient portable units. They are mounted on swivel casters for easy movement, plug into standard electrical wall outlets and can be placed virtually anywhere to provide effective HEPA filtration. Our portable FFUs are available in both air recirculating and reverse-flow models:

Recirculating Units

The recirculating unit draws air in through the back and expels HEPA filtered air out through its face, continually circulating and filtering the air in any room. CFM can easily be set and monitored from the front of the unit to meet air change requirements.

Reverse Flow Units

The portable reverse-flow unit draws air in through the face, then exhausts HEPA-filtered air out through ductwork that can be connected to room exhaust or vented out through a window. It’s a fast and easy way to turn existing spaces into isolation areas.

Optional Features:

  • UV-C Radiation Module – assists in sterilizing particulates in the FFU’s air stream and also disinfects the HEPA filter to help protect against viruses, bacteria and mold.
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Module – produces a stream of ions that create free radicals, which attach themselves to airborne pathogens and rob them of hydrogen to deactivate them. The larger clusters of particles are also more easily trapped in the HEPA filter.