hinged radial diffuser

The HRDP Series Hinged Radial Pattern Diffuser has been designed to provide low aspiration and high ventilation rates especially for clean room applications such as research laboratories, animal labs, food processing, hospital rooms and computer rooms. The unique design of solid baffles in an intrusive perforated face can handle large volumes of air with low initial face velocities. The curved face design is pleasing to the eye, without unsightly sharp angles. Engineered design and performance are the result of extensive laboratory testing.

The face of the diffuser is attached to the plenum with two stainless steel hinges; the opposite side is secured with 1/4-turn fasteners. The diffuser face simply hinges down for easy access to the interior for cleaning and sanitation.

The HRDP-2 model introduces air in a semi-cylindrical 180º radial flow pattern, flushing a room with large volumes of clean conditioned air, minimizing entrainment and hence mixing with contaminated air, whilst still allowing low room air velocities.

The HRDP-1 model introduces air in a 90º radial flow pattern for perimeter applications.