A-J is the industry leader in custom and standard stainless steel air distribution products for those industries specializing in critical environments. View some of our Air Distribution Product videos below.

Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Filter Unit

 We re-designed and re-engineered our popular Criti-Clean fan powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser to maximize both CFM and energy efficiency. Our new Criti-Clean Ultra has the highest CFM output on the market (up to 1100 CFM for our 48″x24″ model), is more energy efficient (only 42 watts at 90 FPM velocity/ 450 CFM), and is incredibly quiet (only 45 DBA at 90 FPM, 58 DBA at 1100 CFM). Plus, the new air distribution product has all the same great features and options as the original SSLFHFD-FP “Criti-Clean” Fan Diffuser.


AJ Manufacturing Capabilities

Watch how we design and manufacture our custom and standard air distribution products in our state-of-the-art, lean manufacturing facility. We specialize in stainless steel products for critical environments, providing just-in-time delivery to meet customer needs.

Press Brake

Plenum Welding

Our complete line of stainless steel air distribution products include:

Air Distribution Products
  • Stainless steel supply grilles
  • Return grilles
  • Hinged/removable grilles
  • Perimeter slot diffusers
  • Flat radial diffusers
  • Hinged radial diffusers
  • Hemispherical radial diffusers
  • Laminar flow diffusers