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Portable Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs Now Provide Protection for our Employees in our Office and Break Areas.

Since the onset of COVID-19, our portable Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs have been providing highly purified, HEPA-filtered air – and a safer work environment – for a wider range of buildings than ever before. And that, of course, includes our own offices!

We’ve installed our portable air supply Criti-Clean Ultra fan powered HEPA filter diffusers in our office area and in our lunchroom to help make these shared environments a safer place to work. And, as is the case at so many businesses, schools, medical practices and more, these portable FFUs are helping to keep people safe while providing a sense of normalcy during uncertain times.

Our portable air supply Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs are mounted on wheels, plug into standard electrical wall outlets, and can be placed virtually anywhere to provide HEPA filtered air. The unit draws air in through the back and expels HEPA-filtered air out through its face, continually circulating and filtering the air in any room. This makes the portable Criti-Clean Ultra FFU a great solution to providing a safer environment in virtually any indoor space.

Plus, our Criti-Clean Ultra units now also offer optional upgrades with built-in Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) Radiation and Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization modules for additional effectiveness in neutralizing airborne contaminants (learn more here.) These FFUs are also available in reverse-flow models to remove potentially contaminated air from a room, creating a negative pressure environment that is often used to create isolation areas.

For more information about our portable Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs, contact us today. Or click here to download our brochure.