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New Surface Mount Option Makes FFU Installation Easier

Mounting Clamps are Specially Designed for Hard Ceiling Applications

AJ Manufacturing is pleased to introduce a new surface mount clamp option for our industry leading Criti-Clean Ultra FFU that makes installation in hard ceiling applications easier.

These new surface mount clamps are positioned on the sides of the Criti-Clean Ultra, and simply swing out into a perpendicular clamping position to tighten to the ceiling via access plugs on the bottom of the unit.

Installation is easy:

  • Slide the unit into the opening in the ceiling, making sure the clamps are in the install position, parallel to the unit.
  • Insert screwdriver into the access plugs on the bottom of the unit to swing the foot into clamp position and tighten to the ceiling.
  • If necessary, support the weight of the unit using hanger tabs attached to the structure above.

Standard surface mount clamps are designed to fit a hard ceiling thickness of 1.5″; however, clamps can be custom designed for different ceiling thicknesses. To learn more about our new FFU surface mount clamp system, download our technical drawings or contact us today.