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robotic press brake at AJ MFG. Automated Bending System Delivers High Precision 24/7

Automated Bending System Delivers High Precision 24/7

We’ve greatly increased our capacity with the recent addition of a new robotic press break – an Amada HG 1303 Rm automated bending system that combines a state-of-the-art high-precision press brake with a multi-axis robot.

The new automated system was designed to deliver precise, repeatable results within a wide range of part specifications – from part loading to producing the finished part. It can also accurately process large parts that previously required two operators to handle. The robotic bending system automatically compensates for the part’s position before each bend, and ensures consistent bend angle accuracy every time. Plus, with robotic loading and unloading, the system can produce parts 24 hours a day.

With unmatched accuracy and continually consistent results, our new robotic press brake system is just one more way AJ Manufacturing helps bring our customers the highest quality critical environment products in the industry.