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Follow your order’s progress through each stage of production.

We’re very excited to announce that soon AJ Manufacturing customers will not only be able to track the shipping status of their orders after they leave our building, but they’ll also be able to monitor each order’s status as it moves through the manufacturing process.

It’s all thanks to a new online order tracking system that’s currently under development. Scheduled to be implemented this fall, the system will allow customers to log in and check order status online at Customers will enter their order number (provided to them at time of order entry), and the system will tell them whether their order has shipped, or if it’s not yet completed, provide its current location in the production process, along with an estimated shipping date.

This system is possible because of our state-of-the-art production facility, where key machines are computer controlled and networked, so we know exactly where each job is at all times. And very soon — you’ll be able to know, too!

Keep a look out for future issues of our Critical Thinking e-newsletter, which will have more details!