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Up to four times faster than conventional CO2 lasers.

At 400 inches per minute, we knew our first laser could cut fast. But with that workhorse running non-stop day in and day out, we went looking for something even faster. And now, after a thorough search, a significant rearranging of our manufacturing facility and weeks of installation and training, we’re proud to announce our newest addition is up and running — an Amada Fiber Optic Laser with the world’s fastest linear speed!

Needless to say, the new laser has given us a big boost in productivity (and our “old” Amada laser continues to run at full capacity). That means faster turnaround and shorter lead times for our customers than ever before.

Our new fiber laser delivers dramatic increases in speeds, up to (and exceeding) four times faster than conventional CO2 models. Plus, it also generates a laser beam with a wavelength that expands our processing capabilities.

The machine’s motion system includes massive linear drive motors in all three axes, two of them in the X-axis alone. This provides for greater acceleration and control over the entire work surface, which translates into unprecedented processing times, along with the ability to create precise holes, square corners and superior edge quality.

What’s more, this model’s high-speed material handling capability maximizes productivity because it externalizes the material setup, eliminating any interference with the cutting process and ensuring that the laser does not sit idle while waiting for an operator to set up for the next job.

To learn how our new Amada fiber laser can help speed turnaround time for your project, contact us today!