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Choose From Our New Recirculating Criti-Clean FFU And Our New Heating And/Or Cooling Criti-Clean FFU.

Here are two more great reasons why our Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffusers continue to lead the industry and remain a customer favorite: Our new Criti-Clean FFU that recirculates air, as well as a second new Criti-Clean FFU model with heating and/or cooling coils.

Our new Recirculating Criti-Clean FFU draws air from inside the room rather than from a duct or from the plenum. So in effect, it is filtering the air a second time, which is already a common practice in Europe, and is now gaining in popularity in the US and around the world.

The new Heating/Cooling Criti-Clean FFU models can be equipped with heating coils, cooling coils or with both. This gives you the added advantage of not only having a constant flow of clean filtered air in your critical care environment, but also being better able to keep the room at a constant, desired temperature.

Both our new Criti-Clean FFU models offer many other benefits like stainless steel construction with an all-welded plenum; computer-controlled, variable-speed ECM motors; higher CFM output than competitive models, room-side digital CFM readout with an easy CFM adjustment and more. Plus, Criti-Clean FFUs also offer optional features like built-in surgical grade LED lighting around the unit’s perimeter to help you eliminate light fixtures and maximize ceiling space, and customizable controls that can map and simultaneously control up to 800 linked units.

All Criti-Clean units provide room-side access to HEPA or ULPA filters and pre-filters, and are available in 48″ x 24″, 36″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″ sizes.