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We’ve just added to our long list of Criti-Clean innovations!

As part of our ongoing effort to continually improve on our popular Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffuser, we’re proud to announce another exciting new feature.

Now, a new digital readout on the face of the unit displays the current CFM output — and also allows for easy adjustment of the CFM. This new innovation offers valuable advantages for building owners, contractors and facilities personnel.

The CFM display now offers room-side visual verification of the needed airflow with a quick glance up at the ceiling. Plus, the CFM can be set or adjusted in a matter of seconds by virtually anyone. That means the installing contractor no longer needs to set the correct CFM, since it can be easily set or adjusted later by facilities personnel.

This new convenience feature, combined with our previous addition of room-side filter replacement, makes our Criti-Clean the easiest to use and maintain fan filter unit on the market!