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Operating room design and construction just got easier.

After working with hospitals and medical centers — and their architects, engineers and contractors — for years, we’ve learned that they all face a common challenge: having enough space in operating room ceilings to meet the ever-changing, ever-growing standards and regulations for both airflow and lighting.

After hearing time and time again about these ceiling space issues, we thought of a great way to help — which may very well change the way future operating rooms are designed. We combined our popular Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffuser with built-in surgical grade lighting. So now one compact unit does the work of two, maximizing valuable ceiling space!

Our new Criti-Clean FFU with T5 high-output, surgical grade lighting is available with your choice of white or green surgical lights, in 48″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″ models. And of course, you also get all the great features built into our popular Criti-Clean units…

  • Stainless steel construction with all-welded plenum
  • Higher CFM output than competitive models
  • Computer-controlled, variable-speed ECM motor
  • HEPA or ULPA filter with gel-seal fame
  • Wide range of customizable controls, capable of linking up to 400 units

For more information on our new Criti-Clean units with built-in surgical lighting, call us at 800-247-5746 or click here to send us an email.