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New built-in probes in our laminar flow products will measure and report CFM with 100% accuracy.

In 2016, we introduced a new digital readout on the face of our Criti-Clean FFUs that displays and adjusts the current CFM output. This makes room-side visual verification and adjustment of the needed airflow quick and easy, with just a glance up at the ceiling.

However, at AJ Manufacturing we feel that there’s always room for improvement. So in the coming months we’ll be introducing a new feature to improve that functionality – a built-in probe in the air inlet that more accurately measures CFM.

Right now, our critical environment products use a computed reading to report CFM. However, the new probe will read actual CFM in real time, and report that reading with 100% accuracy. What’s more, this new probe and CFM display will not only be available on our Criti-Clean Ultra FFU, but on other non-motorized laminar flow diffusers as well.

We plan to start introducing these new units with our more accurate CFM readouts in early 2019, and will be reporting on these product rollouts in future issues of Critical Thinking.