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Expand your critical environment options with our new flush ceiling grid systems, plenum modules and air handlers.

AJ Manufacturing is proud to introduce our new line of cleanroom products designed to give hospitals the utmost in flexibility in designing new or updated operating rooms and critical patient care environments.

Our new Flush Ceiling Grid Systems are available in top load and bottom load extruded aluminum, and in bottom load stainless steel options. The 2.5″ flush ceiling grid modules feature integrated lighting (T5, T8, LED) and fire protection, a bottom “snap-in” flush face screen that aerodynamically evens the airflow under the grid module, plus pre-machined bolt holes for ease of installation. In fact, installation of our new Flush Ceiling Grid Systems takes a fraction of the time, manpower and cost of conventional stick-built systems. Top load systems also have a GEL seal integrated into the grid frame. Grid modules are manufactured in sizes up to 8′ x 24′, and are capable of incorporating our stainless steel air distribution products and can accommodate medical equipment that has to hang or roll across the ceiling, such as da Vinci System robotics.

Our new Plenum Modules for our Flush Ceiling Grid Systems can be attached to any of our top load or bottom load flush ceiling grid systems. They reduce pressure drop within the cleanroom ceiling system, provide direct support for recirculation air handlers, and eliminate the need for field built plenums. All of our Plenum Modules feature integrated fire protection and electrical wiring, and can be manufactured in sizes up to 8′ x 24′.

We’re also proud to now be able to offer recirculation air handlers with direct drive fans, custom make-up air handlers, from Multipak units to Compac Vane Axial units, as well as dry coils fabricated specifically for FFU return air plenums, with integrated single or double drip pans.

Add up all the benefits our new cleanroom products have to offer, and it’s easy to see why AJ Manufacturing is your convenient, one-stop source for complete ceiling systems. For more information, call us at 800-247-5746.