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Create safer indoor environments anywhere with our line of Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs.

In the recent past, highly purified air was primarily reserved for hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing clean room environments. But today, after the onset of COVID-19, demand for HEPA-filtered air is skyrocketing – in a wide range of building types where it was rarely, if ever, considered before.

Much of the new interest in HEPA filtration is coming from obvious places, such as doctors’ and dentists’ offices. But that’s only the beginning. Building owners and tenants in all types of businesses are showing unprecedented demand for cleaner indoor air to protect workers and customers. These include everything from general office buildings, to schools, to retail spaces like stores, restaurants, salons and much more.

Fortunately, there’s an effective and efficient way to make the air cleaner and safer in any building – AJ Manufacturing’s Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Filter Units (FFUs). These fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffusers remove airborne contaminants from the stream of air they deliver into a room.

For permanent installations, the Criti-Clean Ultra is available in a ceiling-mounted unit that is easy to retrofit into existing spaces due to its low plenum height of only 13.7″. For temporary and relocatable use, Criti-Clean Ultra also comes in a convenient portable unit that is mounted on wheels and plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet. It can be placed virtually anywhere to continually circulate HEPA filtered air in a room.

The Criti-Clean Ultra is the most powerful FFU on the market, and is packed with a long list of features and benefits:

  • The industry’s highest output, up to 1200 CFM.
  • Energy efficiency (only 42 watts at 90 FPM velocity/450 CFM).
  • Quiet performance (only 45 DBA at 90 FPM, 58 DBA at 1100 CFM).
  • Optional air inlet sensor that measures and displays CFM in real time, rather than relying on outdated computed readings or algorithms based on performance data.
  • Optional built-in LED lights on ceiling-mounted unit to maximize ceiling space.
  • Plus, much more

Reverse-Flow Units Also Available
Both the ceiling-mounted and portable Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs are also available in reverse-flow models that remove potentially contaminated air from a room. These units create a negative-pressure environment that can be used to isolate someone who has – or may have – an infectious disease like COVID-19.

As with any addition to an existing system, we recommend you consult an HVAC professional on how best to incorporate Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs into your building. For more information on the Criti-Clean Ultra, click here.