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Experts Predict Average Growth of More Than 4%.

We recently came across some positive news for many of our customers that serve the healthcare industry. According to a recent Consensus Construction Forecast from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the industry experts they sampled see continued growth in the healthcare building sector, with many predicting 4%–5% growth for 2019.

The AIA looked at construction forecasts from a variety of groups, and the average came in at 4% for the healthcare industry. A few of the predictions are listed below:

Markstein Advisors4.9%
IHS Economics4.6%
Dodge Data & Analytics4.5%
Moody’s 4.5%

You can see the AIA’s full Consensus Construction Forecast here.

Critical Environment HVAC Equipment

AJMFG manufactures HVAC Equipment for the Critical Environment. The largest demand for Critical Environment products is coming from the healthcare industry. A-J is the industry leader in custom and standard stainless steel air distribution equipment for those industries specializing in critical environments.

Our new Criti-Clean Ultra is used by the healthcare industry in critical environments. We re-designed and re-engineered our popular Criti-Clean fan powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser to maximize both CFM and energy efficiency. Our new Criti-Clean Ultra has the highest CFM output on the market (up to 1100 CFM for our 48″x24″ model), is more energy efficient (only 42 watts at 90 FPM velocity/ 450 CFM), and is incredibly quiet (only 45 DBA at 90 FPM, 58 DBA at 1100 CFM). Plus, the new unit has all the same great features and options as the