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Supply chain uncertainties make ordering your Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs now more important than ever!

If you’re thinking of ordering one or more fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffusers to help protect the people in your environments against COVID-19 and other pathogens, we have two words of advice: “Don’t wait!”

Long before the pandemic, our FFUs – like our Criti-Clean Ultra family of products – were standard ways to provide highly purified, safe air for hospitals, laboratories and other critical environments. And now they’ve also been proven to be highly effective in combating airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as bacteria, mold and other pathogens. They’re so effective that they’re in high demand, which brings up the unfortunate issue of supply and demand.

The fact is, lead times for some of the components that make our Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs so effective – like HEPA filters and optional equipment such as Ultraviolet-C Radiation and Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization modules – are becoming longer and slightly more unpredictable. That doesn’t mean our Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs won’t be available, it just means we’re seeing a slow-down in the supply of some of the components we need to manufacture them.

So, if you or your customers are interested in ordering our ceiling-mounted or portable Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs, the best thing to do is contact an AJ Manufacturing representative now or call us at 816-231-5522. We’re standing by to help you fight COVID-19 as quickly and effectively as possible.