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custom grille from AJ Mfg

We design and build to every customer’s exact needs, every time.

We’ve been saying it for years: AJ Manufacturing is the industry leader in custom and standard stainless steel air distribution products for critical environments. But today, more and more of our clients come to us for custom solutions. And day after day, we gladly meet the challenge.

On any given day, all you have to do is walk into our plant to see customized products in various stages of production. For example, we’ve recently produced several custom-designed bar grilles, including half-moon shaped stainless steel grilles with a white powder coat finish…and a set of curved stainless steel grilles that were each just 3 inches high and over 5 feet long.

There are also many ways we can customize our standard products. For example, we can manufacture our very popular Criti-Clean Ultra FFUs with built-in UV-C lights to help sterilize particulates in the air stream and disinfect the HEPA filter. (When microorganisms are exposed to UV-C, the light’s radiation penetrates their cell walls and disrupts the structure of their DNA to neutralize them.)

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization modules are another customization option for our FFUs. They produce a stream of negative and positive ions, which attach themselves to microorganisms and render them inactive by depriving them of hydrogen. The resulting larger clusters of particles are more easily trapped in the HEPA filter.

Another customizable option that makes many of our standard products more efficient is the addition of built-in LED lighting. These surgical-grade lights can be added to any of our ceiling diffusers, including our FFUs. It’s a great way to maximize ceiling space in often cramped critical environments to make more room for other ceiling mounted equipment. Available in white or green, the lights are tunable and dimmable, and do not interfere with the air stream like traditional hanging lights. This is one of our most popular customizable features.

Our latest completely customizable product is the SSLORS – our new Stainless Steel Lighted Operating Room System, which also maximizes the often-limited ceiling space in hospital surgical areas. It features a 12″ low profile common plenum with multiple laminar flow diffusers, with or without HEPA filters, to meet air filtration needs. With customizable design and configuration options that can accommodate any equipment layout, our SSLORS can meet every need while also lowering costs and speeding installation.

So remember, if you have a unique or challenging critical environment air distribution need, we’re here to provide the solution. Contact us today to learn more.