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Look for new improvements to our best-selling Criti-Clean FFUs coming in 2018.

At AJ Manufacturing, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services, and ongoing product research and development is an important focus for us, now more than ever.

A great example of our commitment to constant improvement is our Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffuser. With its stainless steel construction, all-welded plenum, industry-leading CFM output, variable speed ECM motor and other great features, it’s been a very popular choice to meet our customers’ critical environment airflow needs since it was first introduced. But we didn’t rest on our success: we’ve kept on improving our Criti-Clean FFUs over the years to include things like surgical grade LED lighting, multi-unit control options, room-side pre-filter access, 100% shut off dampers, room-side CFM display and adjustment, recirculating units and heating/cooling options – and we’re continuing to do even more in the coming year!

We’re currently researching new improvements to our Criti-Clean FFUs, including new motor options, new operation enhancements, plus new profile designs to give our customers more options in 2018 than ever before. Look for more details in future issues of our Critical Thinking newsletter, but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Criti-Clean FFUs, we’d like to hear from you! Just send us an email by clicking here.