A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc.
8701 Elmwood Ave. #400
Kansas City, Missouri 64132

Amy VanWagner, National Sales Manager: amyvanwagner@ajmfg.us

Phone: 816-231-5522
Fax: 816-231-8437

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    Our complete line of stainless steel air distribution products include:

    • Stainless steel supply grilles
    • Return grilles
    • Hinged/removable grilles
    • Perimeter slot diffusers
    • Flat radial diffusers
    • Hinged radial diffusers
    • Hemispherical radial diffusers
    • Laminar flow diffusers

    Plus, we specialize in custom designing and building these products to meet your project’s unique site characteristics and challenges.

    • A-J Manufacturing is centrally located in suburban Kansas City, Missouri.
    • A-J Manufacturing provides quick delivery of shipments anywhere in the United States.
    • A-J Manufacturing ships internationally.

    The Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone is one of the largest zone operators in the country with over 17.6 million square feet of approved foreign trade zone space that includes General Purpose and Subzone space in both Kansas and Missouri.

    The Kansas City trade zones handle more volume than those of Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and St. Louis and has more available space than any other area in the country.

    Contact AJ-Manufacturing for you stainless steel air distribution product needs.