A-J Manufacturing Company, Inc. was founded in the mid 1920’s and has always manufactured sheet metal products. The letters A and J represent the last names of two of the founding fathers of the company.A-J flourished during and immediately after World War II, and at one time was one of the nation’s largest residential and light commercial manufacturers. Sometime during the mid 1960’s, due to a number of different factors, the company began to decline and continued to suffer until 1974 when Bob Haake took over. Under Bob’s leadership, A-J strengthened its involvement in the HVAC Industry and began growing again. Eventually, A-J began specializing in the stainless steel production of custom commercial HVAC grilles, registers and diffusers.

Today, A-J is a lean, just-in-time, manufacturer, and the company continues to produce some of the world’s best commercial stainless steel HVAC products with a strong emphasis on products specifically designed for sterile environments. A-J remains a strong presence in the HVAC industry, and continues to grow and diversify its products, many of which are featured in the world’s most successful hospitals, laboratories and commercial buildings today.

When you walk through the doors of A-J today, you will still find Bob Haake who remains President of the company and Rob Haake – Treasurer. Together, with a staff of approximately 25 employees, the Haake family strives to make your experience with A-J Manufacturing a pleasant one.

Today we are proud to say that A-J is the industry leader in custom and standard stainless steel air distribution products for those industries specializing in critical environments.

Our complete line of stainless steel air distribution products include:

  • Stainless steel supply grilles
  • Return grilles
  • Hinged/removable grilles
  • Perimeter slot diffusers
  • Flat radial diffusers
  • Hinged radial diffusers
  • Hemispherical radial diffusers
  • Laminar flow diffusers

Plus, we specialize in custom designing and building these products to meet your project’s unique site characteristics and challenges.