Taking Control of a Clean Room

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by Burt Smith, Product Engineer at AJ Manufacturing Co., Inc. There is a dizzying array of control options and possible control schemes out there for HVAC systems and adding a clean room creates even more complexity. With new requirements like USP 800 firms previously unexposed to these types of systems are now being thrust right… Read more »

When Should HEPA/ULPA Filters Be Changed?

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HEPA Filters

Filter Change Criteria There are 3 basic reasons to replace HEPA filters: The filter is too clogged to meet the required air flow for the system. The filter fails a required filtration test. To reduce operating costs. The first reason is a fairly extreme example and the filter would have to be extremely dirty or… Read more »

Planning for Passing

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planning for passing IEST leak tests

Trying to consistently pass IEST leak tests The Details Matter With new regulations making IEST-RP-CC034 HEPA and ULPA Filter Leak Tests required in many more facilities than ever before there are considerations for passing these tests initially and in the future that are easily overlooked. Airtight Keeping out the challenge gas is much more difficult… Read more »