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Available on All of Our Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffusers

In the past, changing just one laminar flow diffuser HEPA filter in a clean room meant shutting down the entire system. Unfortunately, as a result, that also meant going through a painstaking decontamination process that could take up to two or three days to complete once you changed the filter.

Now AJ offers our Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffusers with 100% shut off dampers, which can eliminate the considerable time and effort involved in changing filters. This new convenience feature allows you to shut off one unit from the rest of your system, and change the filter without allowing any particulates to enter the room.

For added convenience, these Laminar Flow Diffusers accommodate either a gel seal HEPA or ULPA filter, which can be easily removed and replaced from the face of the unit. The units also feature…

  • Type 304 stainless steel construction (Type 316 optional)
  • Built-in adjustable damper disk for even air distribution and field balancing
  • Easy cleaning features (filter load indicator light optional)
  • Safety cables
  • Integrated earthquake hanger tabs

What types of Laminar Flow Diffuser features are right for your clean room environment? Just click here to view our wide range of products for critical environments, or call us at 800-247-5746.