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Introducing the New Criti-Clean Ultra – the Highest Capacity Fan Filter Unit on the Market!

What do you get when you combine all the outstanding features of the industry’s leading fan powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser with a totally re-designed, re-engineered unit that maximizes CFM and energy efficiency? The new Criti-Clean Ultra from AJ Manufacturing!

Our new Criti-Clean Ultra has the highest CFM output on the market (50% more than our previous Criti-Clean unit – up to 1100 CFM for the 48″x24″ model), is more energy efficient (only 25 watts at 90 FPM velocity/450 CFM), and is incredibly quiet (only 39 DBA at 450 CFM, 50 DBA at 1100 CFM). Plus, the Criti-Clean Ultra still offers you all these great features:

  • Room-side digital CFM display/control
  • Room side access to HEPA or ULPA filter and pre-filter.
  • Optional white or green surgical grade LED lighting.
  • Stainless steel construction with all-welded plenum.
  • Computer-controlled, variable-speed ECM motor.
  • Reverse flow, recirculating, heating/cooling units available.
  • 48″x24″, 36″x24″, 24″x24″ size options
  • Ability to map and control up to 2,000 linked units.

Call us today at 1-816-231-5522 to learn more about how our new Criti-Clean Ultra FFU can offer you greater power, performance, energy-efficiency and flexibility for your next clean room project.