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Our new DriveWorks Autopilot design software cuts set up time so significantly, the developer featured us in a new case study.

DriveWorks, a software developer that helps manufacturers generate manufacturing drawings, 3D models and sales documents accurately and automatically, recently featured AJ in a marketing case study that highlights the significant efficiencies made possible by the firm’s DriveWorks Autopilot system.

Starting in 2004, we had found success with smart model systems that significantly cut the engineering time associated with producing many of our custom, one off products. A search to increase design automation and efficiencies even more lead to the decision to use DriveWorks Autopilot. As a result, our processes have evolved from needing to incorporate several manual intervention steps to near full automation. The bottom line: functions that used to take a day or two to complete now take just minutes using DriveWorks Autopilot.

To read the entire DriveWorks case study about AJ’s automated set up process,
click here.