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New swirl face options available an all our HEPA diffusers and FFUs!

As we’ve often said, our customers’ ideas and opinions mean a lot to us here at AJ Manufacturing. So when we started getting more and more requests for swirl face HEPA diffusers to provide turbulent airflow for hospitals, laboratories and other clean environments, we responded!

Now you can order any of our HEPA diffusers, as well as our Criti-Clean Ultra fan powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffusers, with an optional swirl face to create a turbulent 360° horizontal discharge of air. Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, the swirl face’s discharge pattern is particularly effective at supplying air with high mixing properties in variable air volume (VAV) applications.

We’re pleased to offer these new swirl face diffuser options to give our customers even more ways to better meet their ever-changing needs. Call us today at 1-816-231-5522 to learn more about how our new swirl face HEPA diffusers can offer you greater flexibility for your next construction or renovation project. And keep those great ideas coming our way!