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Keeping the Air Clean At One of the Nation’s Leading Firearms Training Facilities

It’s amazing how many different types of buildings rely on our air distribution products to maintain their indoor air environments. Take shooting ranges, for example. Firearms emit more smoke than you might think, but when you’re one of the country’s leading firearms training facilities – working not just with civilians but with law enforcement professionals and the military as well – cleaning the air quickly and effectively becomes critical to ensure shooter health and comfort.

We’re proud to be helping one of the nation’s premiere firearms training facilities near Washington D.C. retrofit three indoor ranges with 10 lanes each. Designed for maximum functionality, all three ranges allow shooters to practice with pistol, rifle or shotgun, using calibers of up to 50 BMG. That size and degree of flexibility requires each range to be independently ventilated with a multi-stage filtration system…and our Laminar Flow Diffusers make up a big part of each of the three systems.

And we do mean a BIG part: Each range features a 40-foot long, 10-foot high wall of Laminar Flow Diffusers banked together to provide the necessary airflow to properly ventilate the range. What’s more, our laminar-flow technology provides a non-aspirating, low-velocity, uniformly distributed “piston” of conditioned air that does not effect or disrupt the flight of the bullets being fired.

Our Laminar Flow Diffusers accommodate a gel seal HEPA or ULPA filter that can be easily removed and replaced from the face of the unit. They also feature…

  • Type 304 stainless steel construction (Type 316 optional)
  • Built-in adjustable damper disk for even air distribution and field balancing
  • Easy cleaning features (filter load indicator light optional)
  • Safety cables
  • Integrated earthquake hanger tabs

What type of Laminar Flow Diffuser is right for your application? Just click here to view our wide range of products for critical environments. Or call us at 800-247-5746, or click here to send us an email.