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More efficient workspace, along with a new laser tower loader and powder coating system, will help us meet your needs for years to come!

Our move into our new 70,000-square-foot manufacturing and headquarters building sets the stage for lots of positive new results for AJ Manufacturing customers!

First of all, simply by having more room that our old building just couldn’t offer, we’ve been able to plan our new production space for maximum efficiency. We’ll also have ample room for future growth at our new facility. That means we can plan for the best possible ways to add new equipment and processes seamlessly into our operations to make certain we continue to operate as efficiently as possible in years to come.

Some of that new equipment already planned for our new space includes an additional tower loader for one of our high-production laser cutters. Adding another tower loader for auto-loading means that this laser will now be able to run around the clock, substantially increasing capacity. Our new space will also include a brand new, state-of-the-art powder coating system, which will also allow for more throughput, give our customers more finish options, all the while maintaining AJ’s industry-leading levels of quality.

Look for more news about our new equipment, new services and new facility in future issues of our Critical Thinking newsletter (subscribe now).

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Our two-phase move is designed to minimize downtime so work can continue throughout.

Our new 70,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and headquarters building in suburban Kansas City is almost ready for move in, and we couldn’t be more excited! Since we first told you about our move last fall, construction has been continuing full steam ahead, allowing Phase 1 of our move to begin on Monday, April 3.

We will be moving approximately half of our equipment to our new facility at Three Trails Industrial Park (on 87th Street between Interstates 49 and 435) the first week in April while operations remain in progress at our current East 18th Street location. Once the equipment is up and running, we’ll begin Phase 2 of our move Monday, May 1, to bring the remainder of our equipment and staff to our new home, which we expect to have 100% fully operational by mid-May.

At 70,000 square feet, our new facility will more than double the size of our current building. That gives us the space we need to maximize the efficiency of our production areas, plus lots of room for future growth, which our existing building could not accommodate.

While we’re looking forward to being in our new home, and to starting this new chapter of our company’s history, we’d like to once again say that we owe all of our success entirely to our customers. We look forward to showing you photos of our new home in the next issue of our Critical Thinking newsletter (subscribe now)!

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Choose From Our New Recirculating Criti-Clean FFU And Our New Heating And/Or Cooling Criti-Clean FFU.

Here are two more great reasons why our Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffusers continue to lead the industry and remain a customer favorite: Our new Criti-Clean FFU that recirculates air, as well as a second new Criti-Clean FFU model with heating and/or cooling coils.

Our new Recirculating Criti-Clean FFU draws air from inside the room rather than from a duct or from the plenum. So in effect, it is filtering the air a second time, which is already a common practice in Europe, and is now gaining in popularity in the US and around the world.

The new Heating/Cooling Criti-Clean FFU models can be equipped with heating coils, cooling coils or with both. This gives you the added advantage of not only having a constant flow of clean filtered air in your critical care environment, but also being better able to keep the room at a constant, desired temperature.

Both our new Criti-Clean FFU models offer many other benefits like stainless steel construction with an all-welded plenum; computer-controlled, variable-speed ECM motors; higher CFM output than competitive models, room-side digital CFM readout with an easy CFM adjustment and more. Plus, Criti-Clean FFUs also offer optional features like built-in surgical grade LED lighting around the unit’s perimeter to help you eliminate light fixtures and maximize ceiling space, and customizable controls that can map and simultaneously control up to 800 linked units.

All Criti-Clean units provide room-side access to HEPA or ULPA filters and pre-filters, and are available in 48″ x 24″, 36″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″ sizes.

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Here’s To Another Great Year Serving Your Critical Environment Needs in 2017!

Before things get too hectic this December, all of us at AJ Manufacturing would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season! And as always, this is also the perfect time of year to offer you our sincere thanks for your continuing support throughout 2016, as well as in the year ahead.

It was truly a fantastic year for us here at AJ, and we hope it was for you as well, since our customers are what made 2016 so positive for us. In the last 12 months we broke ground on a new, bigger, more efficient headquarters and production facility to better meet your needs in the years ahead. We were also able to help our customers like you get the information you need faster and easier by launching our new website that also offers all-new, updated submittal drawings.

We were also really excited to be able to offer you new upgrades and improvements to our best selling equipment — like LED lighting packages now available on all our critical environment diffusers, a new room-side CFM display and adjustment panel on our Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffuser, and as we’re introducing in this issue, new Criti-Clean models with built-in air recirculating, and heating and cooling systems. (See next story.)

With all these groundbreaking (literally!) innovations in 2016, we’re excited to see what the new year will hold as we discover more and more ways to improve our products and services. In the meantime, please remember how grateful we are to have such great customers who keep us constantly looking for ways to make things better. So thanks again for making 2016 such a wonderful year — and all the best to you in 2017!

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Our new building, due to open in the spring of 2017, will be more than twice the size of our current location.

We are excited to announce that we’ve broken ground on a new manufacturing/headquarters building in south Kansas City, which is due to open in the spring of 2017.

Our new 70,000-square-foot facility – located in the new, conveniently located Three Trails Industrial Park on 87th Street between Interstates 49 and 435 – will be more than twice the size of our current building. That gives us plenty of additional, more efficient production space, plus room to grow, which our existing quarters could not accommodate.

Site and foundation work are just now underway, but once construction is completed in the spring of 2017, we will be moving into our new building in stages, so as to not disrupt or delay production. We’re excited to be entering a new chapter of our company’s history, and we owe this new sign of success entirely to our customers like you! Please stay tuned to future issues of “Critical Thinking” for updates as construction progresses over the coming months.

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Another added feature on our recently revised website: all-new, updated product submittal drawings!

Our website isn’t the only thing that’s been updated recently at – we’ve also created all-new, updated product submittals, which are available for download now when you visit us online.

You’ll find that our new submittal drawings are cleaner and crisper than before, with easy-to-read measurements and updated information. Look for these new submittals on individual product pages on our website.

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Our new DriveWorks Autopilot design software cuts set up time so significantly, the developer featured us in a new case study.

DriveWorks, a software developer that helps manufacturers generate manufacturing drawings, 3D models and sales documents accurately and automatically, recently featured AJ in a marketing case study that highlights the significant efficiencies made possible by the firm’s DriveWorks Autopilot system.

Starting in 2004, we had found success with smart model systems that significantly cut the engineering time associated with producing many of our custom, one off products. A search to increase design automation and efficiencies even more lead to the decision to use DriveWorks Autopilot. As a result, our processes have evolved from needing to incorporate several manual intervention steps to near full automation. The bottom line: functions that used to take a day or two to complete now take just minutes using DriveWorks Autopilot.

To read the entire DriveWorks case study about AJ’s automated set up process,
click here.

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AJ Manufacturing produce ‘just-in-time’ products faster than their competitors by using DriveWorks

AJ Manufacturing is a lean, just-in-time manufacturer of some of the world’s best custom made commercial stainless steel HVAC products. They have a strong presence in the HVAC industry and continue to grow and diversify their product lines. Many of AJ Manufacturing’s products are featured in the world’s most successful hospitals, laboratories and commercial buildings today.
In 2004, Bob Haake, owner of AJ Manufacturing, wanted to incorporate new technology into their process. Later that year, they began using SOLIDWORKS in order to move their engineering and product design data away from 2D to 3D.
After realising the power of SOLIDWORKS, AJ Manufacturing began making smart models driven by design tables and equations. This significantly cut the engineering time associated with producing many of their custom, one off products that make them a unique supplier to the industry.
As their products and models became more complex, they began hitting the functional limits of SOLIDWORKS design tables and equations. Their search for a more powerful design automation solution for SOLIDWORKS led them to DriveWorks.

Integrating DriveWorks

Now DriveWorks has been integrated throughout their entire product delivery process. Not only are many of their products being driven by DriveWorks, but DriveWorks itself has become a bridge between ERP, engineering and manufacturing.

Utilizing Core Functionalities

By utilizing many of the core functionalities of DriveWorks Autopilot, AJ Manufacturing’s process has evolved from several manual intervention steps to near full automation. By using built-in DriveWorks connectors, they are able to drive and automatically create specifications by leveraging existing data created by the ERP system. Once the ‘build’ information is collected, DriveWorks Autopilot goes to work and begins to build new specifications.

DriveWorks—Online Sales Configurator & Design Automation

Specialized Plugins

Once DriveWorks Autopilot has completed the specification, a specialized DriveWorks plugin developed by AJ Manufacturing begins to dig through the assembly and collects the BOM information, such as: Part numbers, Blank sizes, Quantity, and Mass

After the plugin has interrogated the assembly or part, the information is then passed into a staging database table from which the ERP system can collect and leverage for reports and inventory control.

Results with DriveWorks

Once AJ Manufacturing’s projects are set up, functions that previously took a day or two to complete now take minutes using DriveWorks Autopilot.
Prior to using DriveWorks, their engineers spent many hours executing the minor tasks involved with custom products. These included renaming files, changing dimensional values, re-exporting manufacturing data and repairing file references from failed SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go functions.
“DriveWorks has saved AJ Manufacturing countless hours in production time alone.”

“AJ Manufacturing’s process, driven by the power and flexibility of DriveWorks, gives them a competitive advantage in bringing their customers higher quality, custom-made, just-in-time products, faster than anyone else in the industry.”

Read more.

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We’ve just added to our long list of Criti-Clean innovations!

As part of our ongoing effort to continually improve on our popular Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffuser, we’re proud to announce another exciting new feature.

Now, a new digital readout on the face of the unit displays the current CFM output — and also allows for easy adjustment of the CFM. This new innovation offers valuable advantages for building owners, contractors and facilities personnel.
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New optional LED lights help you pack more efficiency into the ceilings of your critical environments.

Since it’s introduction, AJ’s Criti-Clean Fan Powered Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Diffuser with built-in surgical grade lighting has proven to be one of our most popular and fastest-selling new products. That’s because it does the work of two basic operating room fixtures – a laminar flow diffuser and surgical lighting – all in one unit, maximizing valuable ceiling space. So we took that great space-saving idea and ran with it, straight to every product in our critical environment diffuser line!
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We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier to find the products and information you’re looking for.

At AJ Manufacturing, we’re committed to bringing you the most up-to-date products and services possible. So over the past few months, we’ve put that same spirit and commitment into reviewing, updating and redesigning our website. Read more »

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Report estimates $16.1 billion hospital construction projects to start during the first half of 2016, up 44% from the first 2 quarters of 2015

Lead by an ongoing drive in new medical office building (MOB) construction, Health Facilities Management reports that health care facilities overall are geared for continued growth in 2016 according to Revista, a leading source of data on health care property and construction.
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AJ offers seven optional powder coat paint finishes and textures — all with anti-microbial treatment

When it comes to appliances for the home, stainless steel is still the popular choice. But at AJ Manufacturing, sometimes our customers like to have options other than the #4 satin polished finish that comes standard on our stainless steel products. That’s why we’d like to remind you that we offer powder coat paint finishes featuring anti-microbial treatments as an option on the majority of our products.
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New Ceiling Grid System Upgrades Now Capable of Supporting This Groundbreaking Robotic Equipment

As we mentioned in our last issue of “Critical Thinking,” AJ’s custom heavy-duty Ceiling Grid Systems offer you the ultimate in operating room design convenience by incorporating our stainless steel air distribution products and other support equipment into your operating room ceiling design from the very beginning — which makes AJ a convenient one-stop source for complete ceiling systems.
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And Thank You for Your Support Throughout the Past Year

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is already in full swing, and 2015 will soon be drawing to a close. That makes this the perfect time to wish you and yours a joyous holiday season, and also to say a heartfelt thank you for your continuing support this year, as well as in the year ahead.
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